100 Days of Cloud — Day 21: Azure Mask

It’s Day 21 of my 100 Days of Cloud journey!

Today’s post is another short one, and is a quick overview of how Azure Mask can help you exclude any sensitive content or subscription information when creating content and using screenshots or video footage from the Azure Portal.

Azure Mask was created by Pluralsight author and Developer Advocate Brian Clark, and is a browser extension that can be toggled on/off when creating content from the Azure Portal. It’s currently supported on Edge or Chrome browsers.

What it does is blur/hide any personal information such as email address, subscription information once the toggle is set to on. This is great for content creation as it means any screenshots don’t need to be edited or blurred out afterwards.

You can find the source code and instructions for enabling Azure Mask in your browser here on Brian’s Github Page:


Hope you enjoyed this post,until next time!!

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