100 Days of Cloud – Day 39: Cloudskills.io Podcast Hiring Trends and In-Demand Skills for 2022

Its Day 39 of 100 Days of Cloud, and I’m slowing it down and bit today to take in some easy listening.

For those who have yet to find it, the Cloudskills.io Podcast is an in-depth look at all things cloud and what happening across all the major Cloud Providers.

In this weeks episode, Mike Pfeiffer is talking to Roger Wahman, CTO at Apex Consulting, and Darin Stevenson, Director of Strategic Solutions and Technical Recruiting at Apex Systems. he guys are having a roundtable discussion, forecasting the hiring trends and in-demand skills for 2022 in the Cloud industry:

This is Episode 136, so for those of you who haven’t listened yet, you have 135 to catch up on! Here are a few of my favourite episodes so far:

  • John Lunn (aka Jonny Chipz) on Cloud Career Progression:
  • Derek Smith on Cloud Evangelism:
  • Luke Orrelana on Terraform and working as an SRE at Microsoft:
  • Steve Buchanan on DevOps and Cloud Native
  • Tim Warner on building Azure Cloud Skills

I could list out every single episode, but you can see that these are some of the biggest names in the industry right now, so the podcast is well worth a listen whether you are a seasoned Cloud pro or new to the Cloud.

My advice is to go right back to the start and Episode One – stat listening and take it all in. From Azure to AWS, Ansible to Terraform, DevOps to GitOps, there is something there for everyone.

And before anyone asks – no, this is not affiliate marketing – I’m not employed by Cloudskills.io and they are not paying me to prompte their brand. I found the CloudSkills Podcast at the start of the Covid Pandemic in March 2020, and it was my companion on many walks and runs during that time. I then signed up and joined the community in Autumn 2020, and I can safely say it was the “light-on” moment for me in both my cloud learning and career journey.

And thats all for today! Hope you enjoy listening to the Podcast as much as I do, until next time!

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