100 Days of Cloud – Day 50: Halfway Review!

Its Day 50 of my 100 Days of Cloud Journey.


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So I’m only at the halfway point (thanks SpongeBob)! I owe everyone in the community and on the various social platforms who have supported, encouraged, commented, criticised (which was welcome btw!) all throughout this journey a massive thank you, and here’s to the next 50 days!

Todays post is a brief one, as I’m going to do a quick review of the journey so far and what I hope to achieve in the next 50 days.

So lets start off with some numbers – Day 1 of the journey started back on September 16th. If we do a countback thats 114 days, so I’m averaging a post every 2 days.

I initially went into this challenge with the intention of blogging every single day, however I very quicky realised that that wasn’t going to be possible. Both work and family committments have had to take priotity at certain times in the journey. There is also the issue of burnout – I posted on Day 22 about mindfulness, taking breaks and looking after number one.

The main reason for taking on this journey was to learn – again I realised early in the challenge that there was loads to learn on this journey, and I wanted to be sure I had a proper understanding of what I was learning and blogging about before it was posted. It may take me another 114 days to finish, maybe longer or shorter than that – and thats fine with me. Its a marathon, not a sprint!

Back to the content itself – apart from a few diversions off into Terraform, Linux and AWS, the blog has pretty much been domainated by Azure so far. And probably will be going forward – as I said in my previous post there are a number of things I touched on there that need dedicated blog posts.

The blog has also been dominated by a traditonal “compute/storage/networks infrastructure” focus to date. There are going to be more posts about that, my hope though is to divert away into Serverless at some point. However as others have probably found on these journeys, you drill down into a topic and find multiple other things connected to that topic that needs to be researched and learned. So I may not get to looking at AWS and GCP as much as I had intended. Hey, maybe that means I’ll have to do 100 Days journeys on those platforms as well ;).

Hope you enjoyed this post (and hope you’ll stay with me on the journey for the next 50!). Until next time!

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