100 Days of Cloud – Day 73: The Value of User Groups

Its Day 73 of my 100 Days of Cloud journey, and today its a quick post about the importance of attending and being a member of Azure and Cloud User Groups.

User Groups are a great way meet new people and network in the community, but also to learn new skills from guest speakers who are experts.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve attended some excellent User Group sessions with some awesome people in the Cloud Community, such as:

All of these User Groups and many more can be found on meetup.com, and you can also follow all of the speakers above on both Twitter (links above) or search for them on LinkedIn. Also, most of the sessions from these User Groups are available on their YouTube Channels a few days after the events.

So log on to meetup and search for a User Group or Community near you, or you can attend these awesome ones above while they are still hosted as online events!

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time!

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