100 Days of Cloud – Day 33: Linux Cloud Engineer Bootcamp, Day 2

Its Day 33 of my 100 Days of Cloud Journey, and today I’m taking Day 2 of the Cloudskills.io Linux Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

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This is being run over 4 Fridays by Mike Pfieffer and the folks over at Cloudskills.io, and is focused on the following topics:

  • Scripting
  • Administration
  • Networking
  • Web Hosting
  • Containers

If you recall, on Day 26 I did Day 1 of the bootcamp, and started Day 2 only to realise the topic was AWS, so I went off on a bit of a tangent to get back here to actually complete Day 2.

The bootcamp livestream started on November 12th and continued on Friday November 19th. With the Thanksgiving break now behind us, it resumes on December 3rd and completes on December 10th. However, you can sign up for this at any time to watch the lectures to your own pace and get access to the Lab Exercises on demand at this link:


Week 2 started with Mike going through the steps to create a Linux VM in an AWS EC2 instance and similar to Day 1, installing a WebServer and then scripting that installation into a reusable bash script that can be deployed during VM creation.

I then got my first look at Google Cloud Platform, when Robin Smorenburg gave us a walkthrough of the GCP Portal, and the process to create a Linux VM on GCP both in the Portal and Google Cloud Shell. Robin works as a GCP Architect and can be found blogging at https://robino.io/.

Overall, the creation process is quite similar across the 3 platforms, in that the VM creation asks to create a key pair for certificate authentication, and both AWS and GCP allow SSH access from all IP addresses by default which then can be locked down to a specific IP Address or IP Address range.


That’s all for this post – I’ll update as I go through the remaining weeks of the Bootcamp, but to learn more and go through the full content of lectures and labs, sign up at the link above.

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time!

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