100 Days of Cloud – Day 41: Linux Cloud Engineer Bootcamp, Day 4

Its Day 41 of my 100 Days of Cloud Journey, and today I’m taking Day 4 and the final session of the Cloudskills.io Linux Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

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This was run live over 4 Fridays by Mike Pfieffer and the folks over at Cloudskills.io, and is focused on the following topics:

  • Scripting
  • Administration
  • Networking
  • Web Hosting
  • Containers

If you recall, on Day 26 I did Day 1 of the bootcamp, , Day 2 on Day 33 after coming back from my AWS studies, and Day 3 was on Day 40.

The bootcamp livestream started on November 12th and ran for 4 Fridays (with a break for Thanksgiving) before concluding on December 10th. However, you can sign up for this at any time to watch the lectures to your own pace (which I’m doing here) and get access to the Lab Exercises on demand at this link:


Week 4 was all about Containers, and Mike gave us a run through of Docker and the commands we would use to download, run and build our own Docker Images. We then looked at how this works on Azure and how we would spin up Docker Containers in Azure. The Lab exercises include exercises for doing this, and also for running containers in AWS.

The Bootcamp as a whole then concluded with Michael Dickner running though the details around Permissions in the Linux File system and how they affect and can be changed for file/folder owners, users, groups and “everyone”.


That’s all for this post – hope you enjoyed the Bootcamp if you did sign up – if not you can sign up at the link above! I thought it was fun – the big takeaway and most useful day for me was defintely Day 3 when looking at LAMP and MEAN stack and how to run a Web Server on Linux using OpenSource technologies.

Until next time, when we’re moving on to a new topic!

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